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Monique Vuong RD



Growing up and having lived in Los Angeles for most of my life, I was exposed to an abundance of health information. While this may sound appealing to health enthusiasts like me, I found it challenging to separate facts from the fad of the moment. There were so many self-proclaimed gurus who could spout off nutrition advice but were unable to fully explain its scientific basis. And for someone with a science background who loves understanding how everything works, I found myself frustrated and wanting to know more.


This thirst for knowledge motivated me to dive deep into my own research. I wanted to develop a well-informed perspective, and be a source of reliable information for others. But I knew that Google could only take me so far. The only way to build a solid foundation in nutrition and be a credible source was to be an *expert* in the field. That led me to pursue a Master's in Nutrition and Dietetics from Loma Linda University and become a Registered Dietitian.

I love reading about nutrition, understanding the biochemistry, and adopting practices rooted in evidence-based research rather than popular pseudoscience. What I find even more exciting is being able to share my passion with others to help them achieve their goals! I am committed to deconstructing myths perpetuated by diet culture and providing individuals with tools to achieve long-lasting health.

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